Almost Friends

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 12:00
$9 adult; $6 child, youth, senior; $5 each for groups of 10 or more
Nitzan Ofir

In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Two students correspond online as pen pals through a program combining education and technology. Samar is 12, and has an Arab-Israeli mother and a Palestinian father from the Occupied Territories. She lives in Lod, a city marred by poverty and crime. Linor is 11, and was born in Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, but now lives in Tlamim, a religious settlement in the Lachish region. Only 67 km separate Lod and Tlamim, and both towns are situated geographically between Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Gaza. The girls are not only separated by an hour’s drive, we soon find they are also separated by a vast national, cultural and ideological abyss. Meeting face-to-face adds an exciting, tense, and often surprising component to the two girls’ lives, sweeping them and their families into a profound and complex experience.

Classification: TBA

Recommended for ages 13+

Themes: friendship, racism, media and perception, cultural exchange, growing up, peer and family pressure

Advisory: Adults say hurtful and prejudicial things that undermine an intercultural friendship. An adult smokes.

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3 

Note: This film screens as part of our    program for grades 8-12. The film will be followed by a discussion and participatory session with R2R's Artist in Residence, Filmmaker Jessica Bradford, and an R2R Board Member. 



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