Hördur - Between Worlds

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 19:30
Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St.
$9 adult; $6 child, youth, senior; $5 each for groups of 10 or more
Ekrem Ergün
Germany, Turkey

Hördur - Zwischen den Welten

In German and Turkish with English subtitles

Aylin, is a seventeen-year-old Turkish-Muslim student living in Mannheim, Germany. She has taken over running the household and caring for her little brother Emre, since the death of her mother. As pressure builds at home, with her father searching for steady work, a run-in with the school bully pushes her over the edge. Her pent up emotions come out in a sudden rush of violence, and Aylin is sentenced to do community service at a stable. There she becomes mesmerized by a rare Icelandic wild horse named Hördur. Over time, the relationship between Aylin and the stable owner Iris develops into an enriching mentorship, and she enrolls Aylin in the upcoming competition.

When Aylin’s father finds out about the competition, he is furious. With Iris' support, Aylin keeps training secretly while her father's work situation and the problems at home get worse. As the competition approaches, her father, overcome by grief and humiliated at work, decides the family will return to Turkey for a fresh start. Devastated by this sudden turn of events, Aylin takes Hördur and runs off. Her father is forced to come to terms with his daughter’s dream.

At once heart-wrenching and heartwarming, Hördur is both relevant, and a timeless account of immigration and the search for belonging. 

Recommended for 14+

Themes: family, immigration, identity, bullying, bonding with animals

Advisory: smoking, bullying, a physical fight, coarse language, hitchhiking, and running away by kids

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