Birds of Passage

Les oiseaux de passage

In French with English subtitles

For her tenth birthday, Cathy’s whimsical father gives her a present that is a little out of the ordinary, a duck egg. Her father warns her: the duckling will think the first person it sees is its mother. Against all odds, that first person is Margaux. While Cathy is quite prepared to let Margaux play the role of mother duck, Margaux’s parents have a different view. Overwhelmed by their daughter’s physical accessibility needs, which confine her to a wheelchair, they don’t believe she is capable of taking care of a pet. Afraid that the duckling will end up as canned cat food, Cathy and Margaux set out on an adventurous journey to set the duckling free in its natural habitat.

Hördur - Between Worlds

Hördur - Zwischen den Welten

In German and Turkish with English subtitles

Aylin, is a seventeen-year-old Turkish-Muslim student living in Mannheim, Germany. She has taken over running the household and caring for her little brother Emre, since the death of her mother. As pressure builds at home, with her father searching for steady work, a run-in with the school bully pushes her over the edge. Her pent up emotions come out in a sudden rush of violence, and Aylin is sentenced to do community service at a stable. There she becomes mesmerized by a rare Icelandic wild horse named Hördur. Over time, the relationship between Aylin and the stable owner Iris develops into an enriching mentorship, and she enrolls Aylin in the upcoming competition.

How to Steal a Dog

개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법

In Korean with English subtitles

Ten-year-old Ji-so is desperate. Ever since her father left, she’s been living in a pizza truck with her mom, and looking after her little brother, Ji-suk. Deeply embarrassed by her situation, Ji-so desperately wants to live a normal life in a house, but her mother is barely making ends meet in her job as a waitress. When Ji-so finds a poster offering a five-hundred-dollar reward for the return of a lost dog, she believes the money would be enough to buy exactly the type of house she yearns for. She and her school friend Chae-rang hatch a plan. They will steal the dog owned by her mother’s rich employer and claim a reward for its return.

Monkey King: Hero is Back


Dubbed in English

The all-powerful Monkey King once roamed freely between Heaven and Earth. After angering the Gods, he was imprisoned in an ice cage deep within the mountains. Five hundred years later, child-snatching monsters attack a small village. The young orphan Jiang Liu’er, a monk in training, escapes to the mountains to save one of the children, and unknowingly disrupts the spell that holds the Monkey King hostage.

Phantom Boy

In French with English subtitles

Hospitalized with a serious illness, eleven-year-old Leo discovers that he is able to leave his body and fly around New York City, passing through walls just like a phantom. One day, Leo has a chance meeting with police officer Alex. He is confined to a wheelchair after his injury at the hands of a scarfaced kingpin — a villain who has just taken control of the city's power supply and given the Mayor a twenty-four-hour ultimatum. When Alex learns of Leo's abilities, they partner to become a crimefighting duo. Along with fearless reporter Mary, they will race against time to save the city.

T.I.M. - The Incredible Machine

In Dutch with English subtitles

Bullied at school, eleven-year-old Tibor can only depend on his outdated house robot. T.I.M. has been with Tibor since he was very young, and shares stories of Tibor's late mother, which are archived in memory files on T.I.M.’s failing hard drive. Hoping to save his oldest friend from becoming scrap metal, Tibor sets out to find T.I.M.’s creator, the elusive Hector Sammler. With very little to guide him, Tibor ventures out of the city to find the robot's previous owners and gather clues to Hector's whereabouts. Along the way, he encounters Kiki, a young girl who lives in a secluded forest without technology. She gives Tibor the confidence he needs to continue on his quest to save his lifelong friend.