A Story About Luke Wallace

Luke Wallace writes music to inspire Canadians to become more engaged in conversations involving the future of energy in Canada.

Birds of Passage

Les oiseaux de passage

In French with English subtitles

For her tenth birthday, Cathy’s whimsical father gives her a present that is a little out of the ordinary, a duck egg. Her father warns her: the duckling will think the first person it sees is its mother. Against all odds, that first person is Margaux. While Cathy is quite prepared to let Margaux play the role of mother duck, Margaux’s parents have a different view. Overwhelmed by their daughter’s physical accessibility needs, which confine her to a wheelchair, they don’t believe she is capable of taking care of a pet. Afraid that the duckling will end up as canned cat food, Cathy and Margaux set out on an adventurous journey to set the duckling free in its natural habitat.

Egyptian Sons

This documentary juxtaposes the daily lives of two preteen boys in Egypt. Abdallah is a single child from Cairo living with his mother; Islam is from a village oasis living with his large family.

In Farsi with English subtitles

Fei Fei: Hide and Seek

Feifei is an 8-year-old Chinese boy, born in the Netherlands, who officially doesn’t exist; he and his mother are undocumented residents. His friend Mees thinks it is totally weird that Feifei doesn’t have a passport. Feifei himself also doesn’t understand a thing about all this paperwork, but he hopes that a special children’s regulation will give him the papers he needs to start a normal life.

In Dutch with English sutitles.

How to Steal a Dog

개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법

In Korean with English subtitles

Ten-year-old Ji-so is desperate. Ever since her father left, she’s been living in a pizza truck with her mom, and looking after her little brother, Ji-suk. Deeply embarrassed by her situation, Ji-so desperately wants to live a normal life in a house, but her mother is barely making ends meet in her job as a waitress. When Ji-so finds a poster offering a five-hundred-dollar reward for the return of a lost dog, she believes the money would be enough to buy exactly the type of house she yearns for. She and her school friend Chae-rang hatch a plan. They will steal the dog owned by her mother’s rich employer and claim a reward for its return.

Human Lights

This is the biographical story of how the young filmmaker Emma Mills discovered she had synesthesia, a neurological condition that lets her see auras of colour around people and things.



Zoe is an animal rights activist who is passionate about chickens. Can a twelve-year-old make a difference?