Isaiah’s Birthday

Isaiah has been counting the sleeps to his ninth birthday party and it is finally here. But, Isaiah is going to get a present he did not ask for: He's going to meet his biological father.

Kumu Hina: A Place in the Middle

A Place in the Middle is the true story of Hoʻonani, an eleven year old girl who dreams of leading the hula troupe at her inner-city Honolulu school. The only trouble is that the group is just for boys. She's fortunate that her teacher understands first-hand what it's like to be “in the middle” and the traditional Hawaiian embrace of mahu, those who embody both male and female spirit. Together they set out to prove that what matters most is to be true to yourself.

Kumu Hina: A Place in the Middle won the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 Asian American International Film Festival in New York.

In English and Hawaiian with English subtitles.


Michi leaves her familiar home for an adventure, expecting to experience something new and wonderful. However, when she meets the community of Mojis, Michi faces challenges that will change her idea of home.

The Magic Shoes

Nine-year-old Iranian immigrant Kamron can’t seem to fit into the culture of early 90s Los Angeles, forcing him to wonder: Is it the shoes?

Advisory: A boy learns a lesson about fighting and stealing.