Talent Lab is an excellent opportunity for youth to develop media literacy, cultural awareness, and global understanding. These weekday matinee screenings of thought-provoking films are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, producers and actors for in depth discussion about content, message and aesthetic. Viewing guides are provided to all participating teachers, offering  useful questions, activities and additional resources for integrating each program's content into the classroom. 

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Filmmaker, Joella Cabalu and subject of the documentary Jay Cabalu, will be in attendence to answer questions with the film's producer, Cari Green.






: Canada (BC)
Length: 45min
Recommended for ages grade 7-12
In English and some Filipino with English subtitles

A young Filipino-Canadian artist, Jay Cabalu is the focus of his sister’s latest documentary, a follow up to her short film Stand Still  about her family. Jay and Joella travel from Vancouver to Oakland to Manila, on a journey to meet their queer relatives. Jay creates a new collage, which explores identity, his relationship to his family, and sheds light on his struggle with being gay and Roman Catholic. It Runs in the Family is an intimate exploration of acceptance and what the modern queer family can be in the Filipino diaspora.

Themes: identity, family, religion, finding your voice


After the film, award-winning filmmaker Jessica Bradford will lead students in a discussion. With an engaging combination of small group activities and practical exercises, participants will take apart and analyze the film.





Country: Israel
Length: 60min
Recommended for grade 7-12
In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Two girls correspond online as pen pals through a program combining education and technology. Samar's father comes from the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Linor's family was evacuated from a Jewish settlement. They are only 67 kilometers apart, yet an ideological gulf stands between them. When the girls meet face-to-face an instant bond is struck, and their friendship is put to a test.

Themes: friendship, racism, media and perception, cultural exchange, growing up, peer and family pressure




Contact education@r2rfestival.org to register your class. Bookings will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. We accept registrations from school groups, home learners and individual elementary school students with a guardian, and individual high school students with school and parental consent.

Talent Lab includes a feature film and a study guide for pre-registered school groups. 

Download the High School Program Flyer



Film (per student) $5    
Film + Workshop* (per student) $8

*Introduction to screenwriting workshop in your classroom
Through an engaging combination of viewings, discussions, and small group exercises, award-winning filmmaker Jessica Bradford will introduce students to the techniques, language and process of screenwriting. They will learn: foundations of storytelling, screenplay format, developing story ideas, and character development. This unique hands-on workshop will expose them to different genres and writing styles.



>>Program subject to change<<