New Perspectives: Representation


Thursday, April 14 | 12:20 PM & 1:40 PM | VANCITY THEATRE

What do a mouse, a veterinarian, Romeo and Juliet, a latin student, and a teen with accessibility needs have in common? In this short film program we'll explore how the directors of these films chose to represent their characters and tell their stories.

Themes: gender and sexual identity, conflict, overcoming obstacles, neglect, friendship, family, animation

This program of short films is a complement to the Digital Literacy Panel at 9:30 AM.

Note: This short film program screens twice on Thursday, April 14 as part of the Youth Media Conference & Expo

Mouth Shut

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Fifteen-year-old Emma has a strong personality. When she’s called into the principal’s office there are two people that she’s not expecting to see: her parents. This powerful film provides insight into the challenges of teen communication and connection.

Perfect Houseguest

A house is visited by a clean, organized and well-mannered guest.

Sovereign Paperwork

A man spends hours sorting through his files, and is surprised to come across a blank paper. This brings about an unexpected change.



After a troubled year at school, 12-year-old Sammy is hoping to make a fresh start. When she is invited to a sleepover and reveals her trans-identity to her two new friends, their reaction leads her to wonder whether she can ever trust anyone with her deepest secret.

Still A Rose

In this socially inclusive interpretation of Shakespeare’s famous balcony scene, Romeo and Juliet are both portrayed in the guise of a man or a woman. They are in turn black or white, straight or gay. Still a Rose suggests that true love transcends gender, sexuality, and race. 

The Hearing

Russell lost his hearing at the age of 13. He copes well with his disability, but there is a statement he would like to hear above all others.


The Red Thunder

Sarah, a nerdy teenager, needs her mom's new car to go on a date with Danny. Her mom, Dr. Thun, tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency. Sarah is unconvinced, and decides to take the car. Little does she know the vehicle hides a secret that will change her life forever…